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Re-designing the explore screen
Rizzle is a short-video platform aiming towards being a place for video creation, distribution and monetisation.

Rizzle, at the time of the project, was aimed primarily towards talking based content. In line with Skits, Stand ups, Journalism, Vlogs etc. It encouraged posting Raw, unedited, improvised videos

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Amit, Lalit, Sanjeet, Shalini
My role
UX Design, Prototyping
The existing screen was optimised for search as the primary function.

The discover part was bifurcated to people and channels. ( Rumbl, aka Rizzle currently enables creators to have multiple channels under the same profile).

With feed algorithm being an important part of the discoverability, we understood that Feed takes lot of experimentation and iteration, so we wanted to improve the discoverability in Rizzle while the feed is being built
The primary reason would be to enable better discovery of content and people. Current design does not cater to this. There are two perspectives to understand the current issues
  • Viewers can discover limited number of creators and channels.
  • Channels had sponsor as seconday CTA, Which did not make much sense if the viewer had not viewed their content to asses if they should be sponsored
  • They do not have context as to why these channels and people were top
  • Creators loved their content rendered on the main tab. However, due to limited space, most of the creators who were on the list remained on the list
  • There was no way to discover new content and creators
  • We understood that Creator milestones need to be rewarded at every step. Currently only creme de creme are on the screen
We started off by splitting the functionality of the screen into two parts
1. Search
2. Discovery of content

We will be focussing on the latter in this case study. We started off with understanding what are the traits of good discovery experience
Traits of good discovery
You are unique ๐Ÿ˜Š. Users tastes and preferences need to drive the content on the screen. Although tricky, we wanted to explore this direction even if for future purposes
Content heavy
Medium is the message, we felt the imagery speaks more than text and for obvious purposes. ย Users do not read the text but scan it - for starters
Although not intended for initial scroll, the solution needs to be scalable where in it could accommodate different requirements like announcements.
Category experience
Now that we had a fair idea that we have found a scalable solution, we set out to narrow down the kind of content we want to render in the form of carousels
Types of Content
We wanted to include the following types in the screen:
1. Channels
2. Prompts
3. Profiles

Semantically, we already differentiated these categories with shapes. We were able to identify constraints for the prompts to be a single and a top section carousel
To break the monotony, I explored and added ways to render channels. We added swipable and scrollable channel sections
Pickup where you left off
Pesonalisation was the primary element for a successful experience, we were able to introduce continue watching, a place where you can pick up recently watched content on the feed.
increase in creators showing off their appearance on the explore screen
The efforts led to redesigning the navigation of major screens
increase in explore screen visits