Tools for contextual elements on short videos
Rizzle is a short-video platform aiming towards being a place for video creation, distribution and monetisation.

Rizzle, at the time of the project, was aimed primarily towards talking based content. In line with Skits, Stand ups, Journalism, Vlogs etc. It encouraged posting Raw, unedited, improvised videos

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Rohit RSN, Sudhakar, Vitaly, Praveen
My role
Research, Prototyping and UX Design
With team Rizzle's active community, we discovered that viewers seldom notice the topic provided at the bottom of the screen. Some creators 'read out' the topic at the start of their video

This made us wonder if we can improve content viewing experience in the app, without disrupting the integrity of the existing community
Problem statement
How might we enable creators on Rizzle to give active context on their video so that they can improve their creation process
Working on it backwards
With a short competitive analysis, we had the proof of concept, viewers and creators enjoyoing labels on select few platforms and are almost extinct in others

We set out to lay out the Visual Design first of the labels first and then work on it backwards
label's appearance
figuring out the tech
flow and testing
why it was broken
how we fixed it
Label's appearance
With discussions and brainstorming session with other designers, community managers and in-house creators, we tried to come up with possibilities of how existing users would use Labels

We ended up grouping the use cases broadly to see if it would form a picture
Broad Use cases
We figured out that we could categorise these requirements within similar usecases. We set out to see if we can convey the same with the background pertaining to the labels
We had recently rebranded ourselves - finalising colors, fonts and logo for starters. Using a different font from the given system font also solved the purpose of cross platform licensing
Flow and testing
We set out to chalk out the requirements and the feature set. Discussions ranging from ability to change font size to number of colors. However, the requirements were  not strictly set but to help us narrow down the rest of the flow
Intermediary screen
The tech team wanted a separate screen in the creation flow is required for editing, deleting and adding labels
Creators to explicitly control duration of labels
One of our stakeholders observed that many videos have labels running throughout the video which led to worser viewing experience. Imagine Youtube thumnails staying permanently on the video
Why it was broken?
After reviews and gorilla testing from the in-house creators we consolidated that things can be improved
Multi-label addition
Most of the videos tend to have multiple labels added. Current flow had too much friction
Text screen before preview
The intermediary text screen and preview screen are too similar which adds up to confusion
How we fixed it
Over 9 months, we managed to comeback to creation flow and managed to push our work through 5-6 rollouts
Zooming out
The Design team and the in-house creators discussed the possiblities to lay down underlying principles that would guide the product, tech and Design in a streamlined manner
A unit task must be easy, convinient and understandable. Repeatable actions need to be quick
With current social media's purpose to be highly engaging, we wanted to add features that prioritises function over vanity
Surprise users on how great their video has come out, we wanted to see if we can add something to their hard work
Making it repeatable
Implementation complexity vs user convenience, It was a hard lesson for me when I realised I could have backed up on not having to work on tech constraints, at least on user flow perspective.

We managed to come to a common conclusion, merge label preview screen with preview screen. We also merged timeline screen with the preview screen.
Making it functional
Having a functional approach right from the start, I happened to consolidate our approach on backgrounds giving more context to the video. Later, I focused on multiple label addition experience and added few enhancements
We added nudges to the recently tapped labels. Added X, we found was more convenient than dragging down to delete.
We also ironed out a way were we could add and edit awkwardly placed labels
Making it Delightful
Nudging user for best practices with guides. Also enabled haptic feedback
Added Automatic animations at appearance and disappearance of the label.
Bringing it all together
We also added a way to add images and stickers with the same flow. Here is the final outcome
We also use the set principles for upcoming features, For example, we brought up stickers.

We changed the way images appear and dissapear along with a transition sound.
increment in view time that contain labels
videos have bubble and quote type labels
videos have labels in Rizzle
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